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Mike Johnston , the Man, the Legend


Mike Johnston , the Man, the Legend

By V.H. Isaac

It is an unfortunate fact that the bulk of humanity is too limited in its mental vision to weigh with patience and intelligence those isolated phenomena, seen and felt only by a psychologically sensitive few, which lie outside its common experience. Men of broader intellect know that there is no sharp distinction between the real and the unreal; that all things appear as they do only by virtue of the delicate individual physical and mental media through which we are made conscious of them; but the prosaic materialism of the majority condemns as madness the flashes of super-sight which penetrate the common veil of obvious empiricism.

–  H. P. Lovecraft

The man that sat before me is one of subtle complexity, consumed with dynamic elements of curious mystery. Mike Johnston , as I will call him, is a man of learning. When he is not working as a technical writer and editor at a government agency, his knowledge and prowess are dedicated to something of a darker nature. Unfortunately, these studies have left many people to doubt the authenticity of his findings; but who are we to quickly judge and “condemn as madness” these things when we ourselves have done little or no research? I beg of the reader to keep this principle in mind as they sift through this paper, for I write this not to laugh—but neither do I write to prove. I stand neutral, serving only as a conduit from the mysterious mind of one, to the curious mind of another.

There are simply some things in this world which cannot adequately be explained, and sometimes I wonder if they even should be; for nature has within it things that are better left unknown. The select sensitive few who know and believe, are left to live in fear of the unutterable horrors this life keeps entombed in its forgotten and unfathomable depths. It is not easy for mankind to tell where the Johnston ingly narrow line exits which distinguishes reality from imagination. One rather unique man, Mr. Johnston , has attempted to make a search for that line. In his studies he has questioned the unquestionable, and has shaken the very grounds upon which our fragile world exists. That is, he is fighting a war. A war which to some is absurd and unthinkable, but to him, and the many people he has been working with, it is a serious matter of life and death. It is a war, says Mr. Johnston , whose success or failure could mean the difference between the survival or the extermination of the entire human race. What is this war and who is it being fought between? In his own words, “…we are being invaded by an alien force from another world.” That’s right. Aliens.

As a lover of military studies, my first question to Mr. Johnston  asked for elaboration regarding this war. He explained to me a common enough concept—the idea that weapons have been continuously improved over the ages, such as the evolution of sticks and stones to assault riffles and atomic bombs. However, he took that to a new level, and then threw in an unknown enemy. When asked what kind of weapons these beings supposedly used, he calmly explained that, “Our war with these beings is one of mind control, mind scan, and telepathic control,” which would essentially be the final degree of military technology. The next big question would, of course, be why? What could another alien life form, which has technology vastly superior to our own, gain from invading us? Mr. Johnston  gives this answer: “Who knows? There are many things that make our planet unique: its ability to support life means it has fresh water, plenty of oxygen, perfect temperature, all sorts of things. Maybe they’re just here for us, as slaves, test subjects, or soldiers; there are many things they could want us for.”

A war is something that must have two sides. They, according to Mr. Johnston , have telepathy and other such seemingly magical powers, so what do we have? I asked him, as a matter of course, if these aliens are bullet proof. In response, he noted that if one could get a clean shot, then they can be killed. However, he said, if we were to try they could shut down our nervous system like a light bulb. So, against all these mighty powers, how can we stand a chance? Well, it so happens that Mr. Johnston  is the inventor of a rather unique helmet which, according to him and the many people who have them, can stop an alien’s mind bending powers mid wave. Made of velostat, these helmets are given, not sold, to anyone who requests them. Why he thinks that a simple packaging material would block anything other than electricity was never sufficiently clear, but then again, we are talking about a defense against mind-controlling aliens who are launching an assault on mankind. Perhaps some things are never meant to be understood.

Upon being asked when this alleged invasion is taking place, I was given this answer, “I would bet everything I own that this invasion will happen within your lifetime, perhaps even mine. They are waiting, just waiting, for the right moment. One day, you will see them. They shall come down like locus in their ships. It will blacken the sun, but the flames from destruction shall give us light. It will be terrible. There will be no survivors. That is, unless we act now, before it is too late!” In reflection, this sheds some fascinating light on the mentality of Mike Johnston .

This is a man who genuinely believes that alien life forms are on the brink of invading Earth. He believes this passionately, completely, and thoroughly. He has invested his life and fortunes into this idea, and because of it, he has been mocked and ridiculed across every form of media time and time again. Around the world he has been laughed at by scientists, scholars, researchers, psychologists, talk-show hosts, and even other alien hunters. This is a man of passion, strength, and determination. He will not be deterred, persuaded, or distracted. He knows his course and will not stray. Whether or not what he believes is real or unreal, it is irrelevant to who he is as a man. The fact is, he has more willpower and drive then most beaches have sand. I can feel nothing but admiration for him in this regard, for if I had that same drive and could put it to work in my own life, such as schooling, I would be ten times the student I am now. The thing is, throughout the ages there have been many people with theories that seem ridiculous, or may even be ridiculous; but few have the courage and the tenacity which Mr. Johnston  can rightfully claim.


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